About Issue Merger PRO

A short overview about the app

πŸ‘‹ Welcome to Issue Merger PRO

With Issue Merger PRO app, you can find and merge duplicated issues, reduce the number of issues with the same root cause, and clean up your Jira instance. Using dedicated automation, you can merge similar issues automatically, without any additional analysis from the users or service agents' side.

πŸ— How does it work?

Fully integrated within Jira, every user can select issues to merge with another one. In the merge dialog, choose fields from the source issue which values you want to add to the fields in the target issue. The second merging option is defining automation rules by the project administrator, so every matching issue is merged by our app.

This app is compatible with classic and next-gen projects.

πŸ”‘ What are the key features of the Issue Merger PRO?

Features include:

  • Manual merge option in a simple dialog on the issue

  • Support for system and custom fields, also from Jira Service Management

  • A definition on which status merging can be done

  • Possibility to link issues and add a customizable comment after merging (both on the source and target issues)

  • Ability to synchronize new comments for merged issues

  • Automated merging based on saved conditions

πŸ’ͺ What are the key benefits of using the Issue Merger?

Key benefits of using Issue Merger include:

  • Keep your Jira tidy - Clean up your projects by merging duplicated tickets. Do not store similar issues that artificially increase their number in the backlog.

  • Stay up to date with customer comments - Merge duplicated requests without losing the context. Select a synchronization option on the merge dialog. All new comments from source issues will be automatically synchronized into target issues.

  • Reduce the risk of mistake - Manually copying values between two or more issues may result in the loss of valuable information. Focus on selecting the correct fields to merge, and leave the copying of these values to us (and our app).

  • Save your time - If you see some pattern that qualifies issues to merge, create an automation rule instead of clicking each ticket separately.


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